Friday, August 26, 2005

Netherlands 86 Top Songs in Children's Music

Well here's something interesting I just stumbled onto. I have two songs, "Tropeo the Pirate" and "Diving in the Deep Blue Sea", listed in the "Netherlands 86 Top Songs in Children's Music." Click the title of this post to see for yourself - I'm there at numbers 26 and 64.

I can't find any clear information on who put the list together or why, but there you go. Lisa says this makes me an international children's music star. I'm not so sure about that, but it's kind of fun to browse the list and see who all is there. Have fun!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

CMW Award Finalists Announced

The first round of judging is over in the Children's Music Web Awards and the finalists have been announced!

My latest, The Great Green Squishy Mean Concert CD, has done well with three songs, plus the CD itself going on to the final round in several categories. "Big Red Fire Truck" and "You're a Dinosaur" are finalists in the Best Song for Toddlers category. "Loose Tooth" is a finalist in the Best Song for Young Children (5-8) category. The CD is a finalist in the Best Recording for Young Kids Classic category. (My release date was too late to enter it in the new music category, so I entered in classic.)

To view a list of all the finalists go here: CMW Awards 2005 Finalists.

The CMW Awards is the only awards program for children's music that's guided by adults but judged by kids.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Launching a PodCast!

Well, I've gone and done it - I've put together a podcast!

In case you don't know what that is, it's like a radio show that you can subscribe to so that your computer automatically downloads new episodes for you to hear.

My PodCast is for fans both young and young at heart. It's 10 minutes long and it contains music and commentary. I intend to include only music that you won't hear anywhere else!

For example, in the first installment, you'll hear a rehearsal version of one of the songs from my new CD, and the instrumental version of one of the songs from my first CD with commentary about cool sounds to listen for.

In future installments I may include songs or recordings in progress, and commentary on the writing process. I hope to keep it fun and informative for my fans, and maybe attract some new fans in the process.

A new episode will be available each month, assuming I manage to keep up with it! That's where you can help - the more feedback I get, the more people I'll know are listening, and the more likely I'll be to keep making them!

And of course, what I include in future podcasts will be largely up to you - what would you like to hear?

Anyhow, to download the first episode, you can click here: Monty's first podcast

To subscribe - well, I'm working on that - still learning how to do it. I hope to have it available on iTunes soon. I'll get back to you!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

iParenting Media Award

Howdy, Friends and Fans,

It's been way too long! I won't list my excuses, but I'll get right to the good news that inspired me to post a blog today...

The Great Green Squishy Mean Concert CD has won an award! The iParenting Media Award. Follow this link to read all about it:

Here is part of the email notification they sent to me, which explains a bit about what the award is:

"The iParenting Media Awards program is dedicated to recognizing the very best products in the marketplace and making parents aware of them. We kept that responsibility in mind as we determined the Outstanding Products of 2005," says Alvin All, Chief Executive Officer of iParenting Media. "Products that earned the iParenting Media Award exceeded the high evaluation standards we set. The next step is to share them with our audience throughout our publications and connect them directly with consumers via our retailer network online directory."

Needless to say, well I won't say it if it's needless. Yes I will - I'm excited!! Yeah!!