Monday, June 06, 2005

Release Party

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Yesterday we held the Great Green Squishy Mean Concert CD Neighborhood Backyard Release Party Concert and Hotdog Feast right here in our back yard!

We had about forty people spread out on the lawn under the shade tents on blankets and lawn chairs for the concert. I started off with a few songs from the new CD accompanied by John Howk, as shown in the photo, on electric guitar. I took requests after that and sang quite a range of songs from all four of my CDs.

John grabbed his electric again and we brought a few kids up front for "You're a Dinosaur" - that was a real highlight. The kids were adorable! If you click on the photo here, you'll be able to see more photos from the party including a couple of me and John and the kids doing the Triceratops Bop.

After an hour we turned the show into an open mic for kids. We got to hear several young performers singing selections such as the ABCs and "Old McDonald."

Cody and Bob (the drummer and the bass player on the cd) showed up late, but we were glad they made it! Several fans got to have their CDs signed by the whole band! Since the band was formed just to make this one CD, it's unlikely we'll ever be together in the same spot again, so that was a rare opportunity.

After the party we took care of some much needed business - getting a group photo of the band! Somehow we missed ever making a photo together during the whole time we were rehearsing and performing to make the CD. (Well, we did take one photo, which you can see inside the CD cover, but it was low-res and the lighting was awful so we don't really count it.) We had fun with it. John was a great sport, volunteering to pose inside the turtle-shaped sandbox.

Lisa was the camera person for this event. She does a great job! I posted thirteen photos to flickr and you can see the rest of them by clicking on the photo above. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

First Show of Summer - Ada Library

I haven't posted anything in a while - not much to tell. I've been getting ready for summer shows and for the CD release party, which you've heard about if you're on the mailing list!

The reading program theme this summer is "Dragons Dreams and Daring Deeds." I wrote a new song with that title, and another one called "The Day I Took My Dragon For a Walk."

I sang both for the first time this morning at the Ada Library program. They seemed to go over pretty well. I'll be making refinements to both songs as I learn how to perform them - all part of the process!

I also sang "The Princess and the Farmer's Son," "The Great Green Squishy Mean Bibliovore," "You're a Dinosaur," "Hanging Out With Heroes at the Library," "Frog Song," and "Imagine That."

The Ada audience is always a very receptive one, and this morning was no exception. It was fun to do a library program after many months of other sorts of things, and Ada was a great place to do it! ! I've already got them penciled in on the calendar for next year!

After the show we nearly sold out of the new CD! (I think most of the folks there already had the others.)

It's going to be a fun summer. Looking forward to Yukon, Jones, Lawton, Altus, Hollis, and Paul's Valley next week!