Monday, August 23, 2010

We Did It! Songs From the Science Frontier is In Production!

Many thanks to all my backers and supporters! We passed the $9,000 funding goal on early Friday morning - a day and a half before the deadline! The last $1K or so just seemed to melt away overnight! So now I have a CD of science songs to record! Our first studio date is a week from today.

I spent Saturday celebrating with friends and supporters via a live video feed online! It was also my birthday, and as promised, I got a chocolate cake smooshed in my face! I know you are anxious to see that, so here you go...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Science Program @ Stillwater Library + News on 6

On Sunday I performed for a secular parenting picnic in Edmond. This was my first chance to try out an all-science program on an audience. I was pretty nervous but I think it went well. 

After the show people ate, and then I played a few extra songs for some fans from way back - they wanted to hear "Lisa Lee Elizabeth" and "Alphabet Rag!"

At the Stillwater Library on Tuesday I did a full program of science songs: "Super Scientist," "What Is the Shape of the Molecule?," "Bat Man," "Acrocanthosaurus," "The Wind Energy Song," "Roundy Round," and "Ain't It Beautiful?" All these songs except "Roundy Round" (which is on the Take Me to Your Library CD already) will be included on my new Songs From the Science Frontier CD.

We utilized an overhead projector during some of the songs to put lyrics up on a big screen on stage. I think that helped a lot - it's easier to follow all those complex sciencey concepts if you can read along. AND it made it easier to participate in the sing-along sections.

"Let me hear you now..."

"Working on the mystery of life's history, he's a bat man!"

"Spring your sharpened claws!" There was a large contingency of younger kids at the program. I wasn't sure how they'd do with this new batch of songs, but they were great. Here they are being Acrocanthosaurs!

"This is the sun shining down on Earth!" Even the adults stood up to help form a wind farm during my "Wind Energy" song!

Here we are going "Roundy Round!"

After the program, we played my News on 6 story for folks to watch and asked them to contribute to my Kickstarter campaign by pre-ordering the new CD. We got a couple of new pledges on the spot. 

What's that, you haven't seen the News on 6 story that aired in Tulsa and Oklahoma City (channel 9) this past weekend? Here you go:

Friday, August 06, 2010

Songs From the Science Frontier Update

My SFSF fundraising campaign on is moving along. I'm up to 57% with 15 days left to go! I'm going to need to step up the pace a bit if I hope to hit the goal on time, but I have a few things coming up that should help...

Tonight I'll be on the Skeptically Speaking radio broadcast at 7:00 pm central.

August 17 is my Stillwater library program, at 6:30 pm.

Also, check out the latest related video below...

First is me on "The Morning Edition" on TV-31 here in Stillwater.

Then a mini-documentary about microbiologist Marianna Patrauchan, who inspired the song "Super Scientist."

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Fargo and Grand Forks, ND

We started off yesterday at the Carlson branch of the Fargo library. The audience was mostly moms and toddlers, with a group of preschoolers up front, so I altered my usual lineup and did some of my more active songs.

Pop Up Sit Down:

Can you guess what's in this box?

Yesterday afternoon we drove to Grand Forks and I performed outside as part of their big end of summer blow-out celebration.

You never know what might happen when performing outdoors. Partway through the first song, this giant armadillo showed up. 

A view from the back:

Can you provide a caption for this photo?

Crab got your nose?



The library building at Grand Forks was one of the most unique we've seen. Here's the children's area. The picture books are arranged on trays so they can be flipped through easily. The round windows in the back look out over the main part of the library.

This ship at the back of the room is fun to play on!

Here's a view from the other side of those round windows. 

The main space in the library is huge!

This afternoon I performed at the main branch in Fargo. Saturday we'll be going to my niece's wedding! Several of our relatives were there for this show. Here are Evalyn, then Brent, the fiance, then Abby, my niece the bride, then Katy, Sam's girlfriend, then Sam, Abby's brother, then Pat, Sam and Abby's mom (and Lisa's big sis). Got that? Quiz later...

Evalyn makes a great pirate - "Aaarg!"

What a great-looking herd of triceratops!!

My "Songs From the Science Frontier" campaign is still moving along - I'm at 57%! Please help me connect kids with science. Check it out here.