Friday, November 16, 2012

Wondertorium 10/19/12

On October 19th I did a series of performances at the Wondertorium here in Stillwater. Many thanks to Shannon and Lynda and Debbie for passing along these photos so I can share them with you!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Recording at Bell Labs for EODLS

I spent today at Bell Labs in Norman recording a song for the EODLS (Eastern Oklahoma District Library System)! It's sounding fantastic - one of my best vocals ever. Thanks to Chris Wiser (organ, producer), Dr. Rock (drums), Travis Linville (guitar), and Trent Bell (Engineer) - who was sick as a dog but refused to cancel the session. It's always fun to hear a song taking shape in the studio. I can't wait to let you hear it too!!

Dr. Rock, packing up after a hard day's drumming. If you think he seems blurry, you're right, he generally looks like that.

Travis on the left tuning up for some brilliant guitar work, Chris on the right, supervising.

Me singing joyfully. Chris took this one - thanks, Chris!

Chris overdubbing some organ parts.