Monday, September 26, 2005

I Go Bananas - tracking the creation of a new song

The Monty Harper Podcast Part II

Here is the second installment of the Monty Harper Podcast!! (Three weeks late, but oh, well - computer was in the shop.)

This month I am celebrating the coming release of "Shake It Up! with fruits & veggies" for public consumption. My song, "I Go Bananas," is included on this award winning compilation CD. The producer, Beth Larsen, has finally worked her way through the mountains of red tape required to make this government-funded recording available. You'll be able to order a copy for just $4. No better bargain exists in children's music! Well, one does actually - you'll also be able to download many if not all of the songs for free!!

Go to right now and sign up to receive an email when the CD becomes available.

After you do that, click the title above to download my second podcast. Then click the subscribe button on this page to subscribe to it.

Gee, I'm getting bossy in my old age.

OK, while you wait for the download I'll let you know a bit more about what's in store. In this month's episode you will track the creation of a new song. Yes, I'm letting you listen in on my personal work tapes as I mold and shape and prod this song into existance. Then you will thrill and groove even more to the final recording as you ponder its humble beginnings. Perhaps the whole experience will inspire you to be creative too.


Here's the link for downloading this month's episode:

Oh, and do please post your comments here or send me an email to let me know how you liked it and what you'd like to hear next time. Thanks!