Monday, January 03, 2005

Back to Work! + Show This Month in OKC

Well, today it was back to work, sort of, after a two week vacation for the holidays. I say sort of cause it doesn't feel like I got much done, but oh, well. Getting back to the blog was on the to-do list, so...

This month I will be furiously editing and mixing, bringing the best of three shows together to make the new CD. Much more about that to come soon.

I will be performing January 22 from 1-4 at the Oklahoma City Art Museum. I'm part of a larger event for families and kids, including arts and crafts projects and a movie. Hope to see you there!!

My New Year's resolution... Write every day! I'm not sure if this counts, so I'm going to go work on a song or something.

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  1. Hey there Monty... "Coffee Talking" here. Saw your comment. Don't have to thank me; your kids songs were my favorite out of the kazillion kids songs that 3 little ones can bring into an average family. I told "Little Guy" hi from you - he couldn't believe you said hi. He was quite proud. :)

    Of course the kid is AGAIN singing about the rude little troll... nonstop. Thank You. Ha ha. He really wants to hear the Vampire in the Basement Song again but I can only find the orange case. Looks like we are on a hunt this week to try to track down the missing tape.

    Thanks for the great music. And congrats on your growing family... when I 'found' your music you were married, but no kids yet. My how time flies!