Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"Trick or Treat" is on XMKids!

Now you can hear my song "Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet" on XM Kids!

XM Kids, for those who may not know, is the children's music channel on XM Satellite Radio: channel 116. It's very cool because it's the only national outlet for children's music that we know of with live DJs playing requests.

We listen all the time around here, and Evalyn has even called in and gotten on the air with her requests and jokes. You can check it out online by signing up for a free three day trial. Just go to

Anyhow, I sent XM Kids my new CD a while back and have been anxious to hear them play something from it. So I was excited to find out that they played "Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet" several times leading up to Halloween, and once on Halloween night.

Since Halloween has come and gone, I don't know if it'll still get played, but once a song is in the system, it can be requested!

So if you are an XM Kids listener, please ask for "Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!"

Here are some tips on making an XM Kids request:

You can send an email to Include your name, age, where you're from, what song you want, and say hi to your favorite DJ. (That way they'll know who should play it.)

It's a lot of fun to hear yourself on the radio. So when the DJs are taking calls, here's how to get through. First program the number into your phone. It's 1-866-328-2345. Dial and let it ring five or six times, or about thirty seconds. If nobody answers, hang up and try again. Keep trying until you get through.

Kenny, Mindy, or D. Dynamite might put your conversation on the air, but you'll hear it five or ten minutes after you've talked to them. D. Dynamite is the newest DJ and is still the easiest to get through to. All of them are really friendly and great at talking with kids. If you want, Mom or Dad can place the call and pass the phone off after making initial contact.

Have fun!

Post a comment to let me know how it goes!

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