Monday, January 29, 2007

Kids Music Planet Podcast

The other project I wanted to tell you about is actually my wife, Lisa's, but I've been helping her with the recording and editing.

Lisa is now producing and hosting a new podcast for the Kids Music Planet! She conceived of the format and collected artists willing to participate. She's been working on it for several months, and has finally put out the first edition. New editions will come out every Wednesday.

Lisa's motto for the podcast is, "bringing you the new world of children's music."

Each week she allows the listener to "try it before you buy it" with three new children's music CDs. She uses a mix of commentary and clips from each CD to create an "audio tour" that gives you a idea of what the CD is all about.

The podcast also includes children's music news and "Evalyn's Pick," a song selected and introduced each week by our daughter, Evalyn. (She's mighty cute, and hilarious to boot.)

So far Lisa has received extremely positive feedback from listeners and artists alike. We are both excited about this new venture and we hope you'll give it a listen!

You can find it on iTunes, or at Kids Music Planet.

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  1. Kids Music Planet podcast - what a great idea. If you're still looking for artists, check out John Hadfield

    I have done some video work with him and he is an amazing talent. He does kids concerts and "The Science Show" and is featured often on Kids Corner on NPR.

    Hope this helps!