Monday, August 17, 2009

Wisconsin Trip

At the beginning of August Lisa, Evalyn, and I drove to Wisconsin to spend a week with our friends the Grisacks, AKA Mr. Billy and his family, Cathy, Taelor, and Wil. This is the same Mr. Billy I did the Let's Get Creative CD with. We wanted to combine some work with some fun. Mr. Billy and I recorded the instrument tracks for four brand new songs while the girls (Lisa, Evalyn, Cathy, and Taelor) went to the zoo and had other adventures together.

I got to see Mr. Billy perform, which was very cool because I've never seen him perform before. (He still hasn't seen me.) We got to eat dinner at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. We saw a drive-in double feature. We went to a water park resort and spent the night there for Taelor's birthday party - happy birthday Taelor!

And as I mentioned Mr. Billy and I even wrote and got a good start recording four new songs, which we are both very excited about. We are considering releasing them as digital singles as we finish them, rather than waiting until we have a whole CD ready. What do you think - good idea? Watch for that.

Here are Evalyn and Taelor on the swings at the drive-in movie. I know they are hard to tell apart because they went shopping and purchased identical outfits. That's Taelor on the left and Evalyn on the right, I'm pretty sure.

Here I am working hard on the lyrics to a song. I thought I had a good line but Billy says it was a reach.

Here are Billy and I in the basement studio discussing something or other to do with something. Notice the evil grin on Billy's face and see how the light of goodness shines off of mine.

The past week or so Lisa and I have been trying to organize our house and enjoy the last few days of summer (conflicting goals!). We went to back to school night at Evalyn's school tonight, and her first day back is Thursday. Hard to believe she'll be a third grader!

Lots of exciting stuff coming up, so stay tuned...

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