Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Rock On, Byars Elementary!

Last week I did my first two "Say It in a Song" programs, one in Byars, OK, and the other in Minco, OK. This program was developed in partnership with the Oklahoma Arts Council, which provides funding to bring it to small schools in the state. It involves a school-wide concert plus workshops for up to thirty 3rd-5th graders.

All the photos are from Byars because my camera battery was dead when I got to Minco!

Here I am on stage in the kindergarten classroom for the morning performance.

Here's my audience. About half the school is pictured here. The older kids were in rows of chairs in the back.

Blah blah blah - me talking about songwriting! I could talk about it all day.

The workshop got exciting when we started writing.

I didn't get my guitar out until we had a verse to sing.

More writing!

We shared our song with the rest of the school a few grades at a time in the hallway.

Now I'll share it with you:

Rock on, Seasons!

Rock on Springtime!
Rock on Springtime!
April showers, pretty flowers
Springtime is here!

Rock on Summertime!
Rock on Summertime!
Swimming in the pool, and we're out of school
Summertime is here!

Rock on Autumn!
Rock on Autumn!
Leaves are falling, Dad's footballing
Autumn time is here!

Rock on Wintertime!
Rock on Wintertime!
Making snowmen, going sledding
Winter is here!

Rock on seasons!
Rock on seasons!
Spring and Summer, Autumn, Winter
Take us through the year!

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