Monday, May 03, 2010

Calendar Song of the Week Podcast - 52 free songs!

Lisa and I are launching a brand new podcast today, AND we'll be giving away fifty two free songs to anybody who wants them!

Here's what it's all about:
"Every Monday, hosts Monty and Lisa discuss calendar observances that celebrate reading, science, creativity, seasons, and family. Each week they feature a free fun song connected with an upcoming date of significance. It's something to share with your kids; it's a song you can use with your students; it's a smile for your Monday morning!"

For my fans, you may already have many of the songs, but some of them are not widely available, and a few may be brand new. We'll also feature a couple of guest artists, so although most of the songs are mine, some will come from my musical friends. And of course many of the calendar observances are cool days or weeks that maybe you've never heard of. It'll give us a chance to talk about lots of fun, important topics of interest to kids, parents, teachers, and librarians.

Lisa and I sometimes have a habit of biting off more than we can chew. But with this podcast we've been very careful to plan a sustainable amount of work into it. We already have fifty two episodes planned out! Still, your encouragement will help us immensely with the follow-through. Please check it out and let us know what you think! And please tell your friends and family and help spread the word!

The first episode is available now. May is "Get Caught Reading Month" and the free song is "Reading Makes Me Want to Dance Out Loud." You can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes. You can get the free song on the Calendar Song of the Week blog.

One more thing - each song is only available as a free download for one week. So the sooner you tell your friends, the more songs they can get. And hey, as an original listener, you will be one of the lucky few to collect all fifty two songs!

We hope the new podcast will at least give you a smile every Monday morning! Thanks for checking it out!

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