Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Songs From the Science Frontier Shows!

I performed at two Tulsa branch libraries today, and this was the first time I presented my full-fledged "Songs From the Science Frontier" program with visuals all the way through. This show represents the culmination of about three years of work getting into the topic of science, and figuring out how I want to present it for kids. It's also just the tip of the ice burg - much more to come!

Both programs went very well!! I have some tweaking still to do but I'm incredibly happy with this new program. Each song is connected to a real scientist and an aspect of science that I want kids to learn about. The whole thing hangs together really well, and I love having the lyrics up on the big screen so kids can read and sing along. I really enjoyed interacting with the kids between songs, talking about science. Both librarians were very positive about the show. There's a lot of depth to it, and I'm excited about bringing it to schools in the Fall!!

I have two more Tulsa programs tomorrow, and a fifth program Friday at the Sam Noble museum in Norman. If they all go as well as today I'll be on cloud nine!

Here I am posing before the morning show at Rudisill. The colorful background is my home slide, which shows the entire program laid out over my CD cover. This slide launches the program and from here we go to lyrics and images for each song.

This is from the afternoon show at Nathan Hale. I'm just chatting with the kids before we got started.

Here we are doing "Wind Energy" - a human wind farm!

South Broken Arrow, 11:00 AM
Brookside, 2:30 PM



  1. Way to go Monty! I guess this would a great time to tell you that your CD just won a Kids Music Award!

  2. Cool, Mr. B! Thanks!!