Saturday, July 09, 2011

Two Round Rooms

I did two programs this week, and they had something unusual in common - both were in round rooms! (So of course I performed "Roundy Round.")

On Tuesday I was at the Kaiser library in Tulsa. Lisa stayed home that day, so it was just me and Evalyn. Thanks to Emily Tichenor from the Tulsa system who took these photos!

Quintessential Evalyn!
The second round program was Thursday at the metro library in downtown OKC, for their Noon Tunes series. That was a fun one because I got to perform a few songs I don't normally. The audience was quite a mix of whoever wandered by, plus a few fans who came just to see me! Ironically the large group of Y kids who were plainly visible eating their lunches right outside the glass walls never came in to enjoy the show. Ah, well!

Many thanks to Hal Swinhart for sending in these photos from the show. He also set up a recording rig and captured the performance on CD. I may some of that recording with you once I've had a chance to hear it...

Here are a couple more photos that Lisa took...


  1. Wow! Love that second library room!
    We had so much fun seeing you again in Stillwater! Thanks for always coming through!You were an item on our summer checklist!

  2. Wow! What a huge room that first one is.

    Newbie to the children's music world here, just looking around for inspiration. wanted to ask what ehad-set mic/set up you sue, it seems pretty minimal? How does it go with big rooms/groups; I've been playing kidners/childcare etc purely acoustically, but need to find something to give it a bit more for schools and festivals.

    I live in Australia, so Im not your direct competition!

    Had a listen to your songs too. Witty! Keep up the good work,


  3. Hi Castro Family, thanks! I'm honored!

    Hi Earl, I use a Shure wireless headset. It's an older model, which I need to update, but I love it - very dependable and beats the heck out of standing behind a microphone stand. The amplifier is a Bose personal amplification system. Also, very dependable, works great with any room, and easy to carry around (with my Rock n Roller cart) and set up.