Friday, March 02, 2012

Songwriting Continues With Richmond 4th Graders!

I've been writing songs all month (one 40 minute session per day) with the 4th graders at Richmond Elementary. We are down to our last week together, and the three songs are finished - one for each class: "Technical Hamburger," "The Battle of the Green-eyed Potato," and "The Ancient Chinese Pickle." 

It may sound like frivolous fun, but students practiced many different skills in the process of writing, including brainstorming, organizing ideas, teamwork, language skills, music skills, and critical thinking.

AND visual art! Chris Ramsay from the OSU art department and his students Kris and Leslie visited each class twice to help incorporate visual art into the writing process. Our first art project helped the kids visualize and focus their song ideas. 

The second art project is happening now. The kids are creating pieces to go along with their songs at the final performance and online (see the photos below)! Chris, Kris and Leslie put an incredible amount of work into this and it's brought a whole new dimension to the residency. Thanks you guys!

Each class will perform their song with me at the final concert this Thursday March 8 at 6:00 PM at Richmond Elementary here in Stillwater. The public is invited.

Soon after that I will post the final songs and artwork for you to enjoy. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Marie Wilson for taking these photos:

Chris Ramsay, head of OSU Art Department, on the floor making pickle minions with the kids!

I sing "The Ancient Chinese Pickle," trying out last minute changes, as 4th graders create their pickle minions.

Finished minions posted to the dry erase board.

Another class created living food figures for their song "The Battle of the Green-Eyed Potato."

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  1. Oh we definitely want to hear Ancient Chinese Pickle in this house!