Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Wiggle Out Loud

Oklahoma's first ever day-long kindie music event, Wiggle Out Loud, was a sensation! I was given the honor of kicking the whole thing off and I had a nice little crowd to sing for. Thanks everyone who came out to see me!!!!

Kudos to Chris Wiser of the Sugar Free Allstars, the driving force behind the event! He introduced me as the "Grandfather of Children's Music in Oklahoma." Later he claimed that he meant to say "Godfather." I'm not sure how much difference there is. Point being, I was doing children's music before any of these other upstarts!

The most amazing meeting occurred just before my program. A dad and daughter whom I had never met before came up to say hi. As it turns out, I had heard the girl Willow's voice calling in a question on a podcast just the day before. The podcast is produced in California, so I never expected to meet anyone connected with it at a show in Oklahoma! But what's more, she was having a similar experience, because my voice was also in that very same podcast episode! I'm talking about Aaron's World Episode 35 - Meridian. Willow asked for her favorite of my songs, "Acrocanthosaurs!" Of course I played it for her and she joined me on stage. Very cool!

Lisa and I spent the rest of the day watching our vocational grandchildren show off their musical prowess. Children's music sure has come a long way! Secret Agent 23 Skidoo and his daughter MC Fireworks blew me away with their smart and meaningful children's rap. And the Verve Pipe were just flat-out awesome!

All the acts did a great job, of course, and the audiences were fantastic. It was amazing to play at a festival where the people came to hear great family music. (As opposed to being an add-on to whatever the main idea is, which is the usual festival situation.) 

Lisa took some photos, below - I guess she has a natural bias toward photos of me! Who can blame her? I did take one shot myself of the Verve Pipe drummer. They let kids come up on stage and beat on the drum kit during the last song. When I approached the stage to take a photo I wasn't sure if I'd get a clear shot, there was such a huge crowd of photographers already there. I guess it's just not something you see at every concert!  

Oh, and the last photo is me with ten-year-old Elvis impersonator Brady Shattan! Yes, you read right. The kid is a ball of fire! He wants to be a children's musician when he grows up. Ha, ha - me too!

On Stage
Big Red Fire Truck
"Spring Your Sharpened Claw"
Roundy Round


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Verve Pipe drummer surrounded by kids, all bashing his drums during the last song of their set, "I'm a Believer"

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With Brady Shattan, aka "Mini Elvis"


  1. Our vocational grandchildren - I love it! :)

  2. Nice post. Great to see you there, Gramps! By the way, you're waaayyyy too young to be a grandpa. Cheers!