Monday, July 14, 2014

Metro Library System Tour

Last week was our amazing tour of the Metro Library System in OKC! I had eleven shows scheduled over five days. Lisa was able to come with me four of those days. Friday I was on my own while Lisa drove to Arkansas to pick up the daughter from band camp. Hence, no photos - sorry! All the shows went really well. I think you can see from the photos that we all had a blast...

"Spring your sharpened claws!" at Southern Oaks

"Working on the mystery..."

"... of life's history" at Southern Oaks

After the show.

Midwest City evening progrm

"Spring those sharpened claws"

"This is the sun..."

Roundy Round!

Ralph Ellison - "I'm gonna play my nose like a kazoo!"

"Belly Like a Bongo"


Kids lined up after the show to take a strum on my guitar.

Luther - they have the greatest theater at the high school! If you want to see a Neighborhood Arts program in comfort, see it at Luther!

Del City - "Show me your claws!"

"This is the sun shining down on Earth..."

"This is the wind blowing in..."

Roundy Round!

Choctaw - "Acrocanthosaurus"

"This is the generator..."

With the adult day care group - fun to have them in the audience!!

Edmond - "Belly Like a Bongo"


"Catch the reading bug - Nya nya nya nya nya"

"Silly Song" prairie dogs

Mouth full of bear hair!

"This is the sun..."

Roundy Round!

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