Thursday, September 16, 2004

Rehearsal Number 2

We had our second band rehearsal for the new CD yesterday. We welcomed Brad Hardy into the group on bass. Brad is a teacher at the Middle School here in Stillwater. We're glad to finally have the line-up finalized with John on electric guitar, Cody on drums, Brad on bass, and me on acoustic guitar and singing.

We started with "Big Red Fire Truck" and it was a blast! This song was meant to rock and I've never been able to do it justice with an acoustic arrangement. So it was almost like hearing it for the first time once we kicked into the groove. Very cool! Cody in particular seemed surprised and delighted that we were rocking out to a lyric about a fire truck! Fun, fun fun!

Next we worked on "Loose Tooth" and then we re-visited "Trick or Treat Smell My Feet." Last time we'd given "Trick or Treat" something of a Reggae feel. This time we brought the arrangement closer to being its own thing. I relaxed into the vocal, and it feels like it's starting to click.

I'm so excited about this new approach! I can't wait for you to hear these songs!

On the performance front, November 10 is no longer on the calendar. I'm working on some other possibilities, but I don't want to say anything yet. As soon as we have a date and location firmed up I will let you know.

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