Friday, September 24, 2004

Three is a Magic Number

We held our third rehearsal Wednesday, and it was a productive one. It only took half an hour to set up (as opposed to the hour it took last time) now that we kind of know what we're doing. So we got in more time, and we worked through six (count them!) songs: "Pop Up Sit Down," "The Frog Song," "Silly Song," "You're a Dinosaur," "Hanging Out With Heroes at the Library," and "Big Red Fire Truck."

It was a challenge to explain to the other guys what some of these songs are like in front of an audience, but we soon got the communication thing down. Basically what I needed to learn was: "Shut up and sing!" The same principal applies when performing, if you want the audience to do something for you I've learned the less said about it the better. Over-explaining will lose them every time!

Poor Cody, our drummer, hadn't gotten much sleep. When I asked if we could do one more song from last time, he said, "You know which one I want," so we did "Big Red Fire Truck" just for him, and it perked him right up! I can't wait to perform these songs for you all - it's only going to be the funnest concert ever!

Which brings me to the performances - sorry, no news. It's been a frustrating week on that front. All my tentative plans fell apart. So I am working frantically to figure out when and where we'll play. As soon as I know anything I'll post it here.

We are also interested in rehearsing at least once in front of a group of kids and parents. If you have need for entertainment some evening in October and room for a band to perform, let me know!

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