Monday, December 13, 2004

Live Concert Mixes

Here's an update on the new CD...

I've been working on the live concert mixes. These are the concert CDs that some folks at the concerts pre-purchased. Each one contains an entire concert with little or no editing. The Oklahoma City and Bartlesville concerts are finished and shipped out. I'm working on the Stillwater mix as I type this.

It has taken longer than I imagined to get up and running - I've been learning new software on a new computer in order to be able to do this. But now that I've got it going, it takes about a day to mix one whole concert (the first one took a lot longer), and another day to make final adjustments, burn cds and address envelopes. I should have the Stillwater show in the mail soon. (I also have two more school shows this week, so I'll be juggling my time back and forth.)

The reason I can do it so quickly (yes, a day to mix 12 songs is very fast) is because these are rough mixes - I'm not doing any editing to fix mixtakes or auto-mixing to fix fluctuations in levels. All that will be done though, for the final CD, once I first decide which version of each song will go on it.

The more I work with these files, the more I like what I'm hearing. Each concert got better than the previous in terms of the performance, and even the first concert sounds pretty darned good! After listening over and over I have a new appreciation for all the work and effort my band members put in - they each did an outstanding job for me! Once I polish it up a bit, I should have a really great CD on my hands!

I've also gotten a lot of positive feedback from people who were at the shows, and even from one CD recipient already. I'll take some time after I mail out the Stillwater CDs to put those comments up on the website. Until then, if you were there, feel free to post a comment here on the blog!!

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