Friday, February 24, 2006

PCS&T Update

Time does fly, eh?

I've been dealing with a bunch of other stuff, including getting my taxes done! But I've also made some progress on the CD since last I wrote.

Today I put together a mock-up of the whole CD and listened in the car while I drove around running errands. I won't list the songs yet, since a few of them may not make the final cut. It was pretty cool to hear them back to back to back, but I've still got a lot of work to do! "A Pet Like That" and "Humming Bird Hum" are now very close to final mixes.

I've also been working on the cover art with my graphic designer, Paul. The CD cover will feature a cat, a dog, a humming bird, and a white alligator, posed in a parody of the Beatle's Magical Mystery Tour cover. It's very colorful and whimsical. Just a few more tweaks and I'll be ready to post it.

And for those who are looking for February's podcast, it's coming soon!

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