Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Pet Like That

In this episode we follow the creation of "A Pet Like That," a song destined for my upcoming CD, Paws, Claws, Scales, and Tales. Listen and learn how a well-known children's book author helped me out with finding the perfect rhyme!

What great timing - it's Dr. Seuss's birthday, so here's something just for fun: see if you can figure out which Dr. Seuss book I reference in the song! It took me forever to find the one I wanted. I must have read every book Dr. Seuss ever wrote, looking for the one I remembered with weird pets in it. Oh well, I can easily think of worse ways to spend my time! If you think you know the answer, post a comment!

Congratulations to our free CD winner for February, Kris Tobey of Tahlequah, Oklahoma!

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  1. Another great podcast. Thanks!

    As for the Dr. Suess book refererenced, I'm going with O.F.T.F.R.F.B.F

    Great song, and I think you came up with the perfect lyric..."Wouldn't it be cool..."

  2. Hi Devon!

    Thanks for posting a comment. And thanks for your validation about the line I ended up using - "wouldn't it be cool" - when that one came out of me it just clicked. And yes, you got right the Dr. Seuss book!