Monday, May 01, 2006

Dispatch II

I love the Internet!

After my second show today I had a voice mail from Disc Makers. I had neglected to include a form I should have when I sent in my master CD. But no trouble - I downloaded it on the library computer where I was at Red Oak Elementary school, filled it out and faxed it in. Unfortunately the order will be delayed so now the expected launch date for those who pre-ordered the CD is May 18.

My second show today, at Red Oak, went fantastic. It took a while to load the kids into the room, so we started a bit late, but we made up for lost time in big enthusiasm. We had Pre-K - 4th grade, and they were great participators, singers, and listeners. Both my shows today made me remember why I do this for a living. I spend many hours marketing, accounting, writing, recording, driving - seems like everything but singing in front of kids. Those relatively rare 30-45 minute chunks of time when I'm actually up there interacting with a great audience are fun, fun, fun!!!

I heard myself today (while driving) on the "Spare the Rock Spoil the Child" podcast. That is one cool show - full of real rock n roll for kids! It's hosted by a father/daughter team, Bill and Ella. Check it out at Enjoy!

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