Sunday, May 07, 2006

More about Texas, plus Yukon

I didn't get to blog from the rest of my Texas shows, but they all went really well. Tuesday we were at Eastridge and Wooden Elementary in Red Oak and Wednesday we were at Venus Elementary in Venus, TX, and Coleman Elementary in Cleburne, TX.

See my previous post for gushing about how fun it is to sing for an enthusiastic, well-behaved elementary school audience. One of the librarians was so excited about the music that she and her principal are purchasing CDs for every classroom teacher!

It was a great trip all around. Lisa and Evalyn had fun at home with Chad Monday and Wednesday. He's only a month younger than Evalyn, so they had a blast playing together. I hear they shared a kiss, right on the lips, Evalyn's first, I think. But Evalyn says she doesn't want Chad to be her boyfriend - there's someone at school she's interested in that way. Did I mention she's five years old?

Even the traffic in Dallas was better this trip. All the construction through downtown has long been cleared up, and my trips from Plano down to south of town and back went smoothly. (I only witnessed two minor wrecks.)

Lisa and Evalyn came down with me the second day. Evalyn was fascinated with the tall buildings and the highway interchanges. They finally got to meet John, after so many years of him bringing me to Dallas/Ft. Worth area schools. He tried to take us to lunch, but we couldn't find a smoke-free restaurant that wasn't McDonald's, which was fine with Evalyn - she got to play in the play place and eat McNuggets! Come on, Texas, if Oklahoma can pass a law for smoke-free restaurants, you can do it too!

That evening I sang through all the songs on my new CD for Cassie and Sarah (while Chad and Evalyn chased each other around the house).

Yesterday, Lisa, Evalyn and I drove to Yukon for their annual Festival of the Child. I performed for six hours, with 15 minute breaks. Needless to say I'm pretty worn out today. We were inside due to the weather, which was good - last time I was down there, it was cold and trying to rain, and we were outside. Joanne says she may not hire me again if I keep bringing bad weather with me! (I'm very flattered that she thinks I can control the weather. ;-)

Anyway, we had fun. Lisa and Evalyn did all the booths and we came home with a pile of Evalyn's crafty creations. Evalyn sang our song "Hummingbird Hum" along with me for the first time in public. She did a fantastic job! We will probably make it part of my summer program.

New podcasts coming soon!

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