Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I have two songs in the running for Unisong's People's Choice Award, "Take Me to Your Library" and "It's Hard to Love a Reptile!" Vote early and vote often - up to three times a day! Just look for my face. (Not that I'm trying to influence your vote or anything!)

Here is the link: http://www.unisong.com/PeoplesChoice.aspx

Here is more information from Unisong:

The "People's Choice Award" has begun! Now that the judging is complete by our various panels of professional experts for our 2005-2006 "Unisong" International Song Contest, and the winners have already been announced , we are now ready to kick off our final new feature for this round of the competition, the "People's Choice Award"! This award is designed to let everyone have their own say in selecting one final worthy winner out of the top four winners in all 17 categories, or a total pool of 68 songs in consideration for this extra online prize.

The writer selected for this final award will receive a bonus $500 USD in addition to any other prizes they have already won!
You be the judge! Since any song in the pool can win if it gets the most votes, it's a great chance for the public to add their own opinion, and vote for what they think is the best song, whether it's the same one the judges picked or not.

There will be a three week voting period starting now, and ending on September 10th, with the winner announced on September 15th.

Anyone can vote up to 3 times per day! Vote for one particular song 3 times ,or vote for 2 or 3 different songs. And you can vote up to three times every day until September 10th if you wish. The choice is yours! .

To cast your votes click on the following link http://www.unisong.com/PeoplesChoice.aspx or visit us at http://www.unisong.com

Please note that we have decided to display the songs in a changing daily "random" order to avoid influencing the voting.

Thanks for your interest and support of "Unsiong" and may the best song win this final award, as chosen by the People...You!!!

Stay tuned for the launch of the 11th annual "Unisong", starting on October 15th!


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