Thursday, May 25, 2006

Villa Villekulla Hula and Hummingbird Hum

This month's podcast episode is a double-wide, to make up for missing last month. You'll hear two songs from the new Paws Claws Scales & Tales CD, and I chat with two adorable guests about how they helped me make these two songs into great recordings. The songs are "Hummingbird Hum" and "Villa Villekulla Hula" and the adorable guests are my wife Lisa and daughter Evalyn. I hope you have as much fun listening as we had making this podcast episode.

Congratulations to our free CD winner for May, Mary Rowe of Marble Hill, MO!

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Show Notes

Here are some links related to the show. Have fun exploring while you listen!

Tim Cain, and "Drum Thang"
Pippi Longstocking
Harry Potter
Paws Claws Scales & Tales CD

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Paws Claws Scales & Tales CDs are Here!

The CDs are here!

They arrived Wednesday, and our living room is full of them. But we have already gotten rid of more than two hundred copies! That includes pre-orders and radio stations (see below!). The folks at the post office duck down behind the counter when they see me coming! Just kidding - actually they've been very helpful.

So, if you pre-ordered a CD, it's on its way to you right now. You may even already have it!! But you don't need me to tell you that.

The release party is tomorrow in my back yard. We'll be cooking hot dogs out on the grill for a picnic lunch and a concert will follow
with CD signing and all that jazz. Rumor has it there will even be a cake that looks something like the CD cover. I'll try to post a photo or two.

I have two new podcasts "in the can" - I just need to get them edited, but they'll be available soon, so please stay tuned.

Speaking of staying tuned, here are some radio stations that have already said they will play music from the new CD. You can tune in to all of these online using your web browser, and most of them take requests - hint, hint.

"Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child" hosted by Bill Childs & Ella (daughter) on Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP in Florence, MA
Schedule: 8-10 am on Saturdays. ET
Description: Music for kids - both officially kids music and other stuff that kids might like. Playlists range from folk to world to guitar-pop to straight-up rock.
You can tune in on the website. This show is also available as a podcast, which you can subscribe to on iTunes!

"Kids Radio Mania" hosted by Kid DJs Jenna and Joey & live call-in host Crazy Dave on KDPS Radio in Des Moines, IA
Schedule: All day Saturday and Sunday
Description: Lively mixture of pre-teen music, children DJ's, call-ins, jokes and prizes.
Each weekend a specific artist or theme is featured and a song from that artist or theme is played at least hourly along with interviews and give-aways.
You can tune in from the website!

"We Like Kids" hosted by Jeff Brown on KTOO FM in Juneau, AK
Schedule: Tuesdays, 6:30 pm AT
Description: Mostly music for school age kids. Many times the songs are selected around a theme.
You can tune in from the website!

"Family Groove" hosted by Will Hale on KFAI in St. Paul, MN
Schedule: On Demand
Description: Family Groove is a weekly internet radio program custom made for grade school age kids. Its parent-friendly nature also opens a multigenerational dialogue, proving you're never too old to feel young and introducing kids to music they won't have to outgrow. Children are directly involved as regular hosts, guests, and producers.
The intention of Family Groove is to build a bridge to allow kids a smooth transition in the growth of their awareness and appreciation of music.
You can tune in from the website; in fact it's the only way to hear this show!

"Nacho Celtic" hosted by Carlos Alden on KPBX-FM in Spokane, WA
Schedule: Sundays, 2:00 - 3:00 PM PT
Description: Carlos Alden's bi-polar show: first half folk music, second half children's music.
You can tune in from the website.

"XM Kids" hosted by Kenny Curtis, Absolutely Mindy, Jinx Blog, D. Dynamite on XM Satellite Radio, channel 116, broadcast nationwide!
Schedule: Always On
Description: XM Kids broadcasts a variety of programming for kids, mostly music served up by the four DJs. The playlist is heavily influenced by listener requests. It includes corporate stuff from TV and movies, but independent children's artists are also very well represented. Programming also includes live performances from the XMKids "Rumpus Room."
XM Kids is on XM Satellite Radio, which is a subscription service and also requires an XM receiver. However, XM Radio does offer a free three day trial during which you can listen to XM Kids on the website.

For even more children's radio, visit Kids Music Planet!


Quotes about Monty Harper and the Paws Claws Scales & Tales CD:

"This is the CD you'll want to get! It's full of unforgettable songs about pets and
animals and kids! I find myself humming and singing the new material from Paws,
Claws, Scales and Tales throughout my workday."
- Sandy Shropshire, Children's Librarian, Moore, OK

"Monty's songwriting shines... Fabulous child-centered songs for home and school!"
- Fred Koch, Chicago Parent magazine,

"Purrfect music for critters of all sizes!"
- Jeff Brown of "We Like Kids!", KTOO-FM, Juneau, Alaska

"Monty Harper is a masterful musical storyteller who makes great songwriting look
- Will Hale of "The Family Groove" Kids Internet Radio Show,

Sunday, May 07, 2006

More about Texas, plus Yukon

I didn't get to blog from the rest of my Texas shows, but they all went really well. Tuesday we were at Eastridge and Wooden Elementary in Red Oak and Wednesday we were at Venus Elementary in Venus, TX, and Coleman Elementary in Cleburne, TX.

See my previous post for gushing about how fun it is to sing for an enthusiastic, well-behaved elementary school audience. One of the librarians was so excited about the music that she and her principal are purchasing CDs for every classroom teacher!

It was a great trip all around. Lisa and Evalyn had fun at home with Chad Monday and Wednesday. He's only a month younger than Evalyn, so they had a blast playing together. I hear they shared a kiss, right on the lips, Evalyn's first, I think. But Evalyn says she doesn't want Chad to be her boyfriend - there's someone at school she's interested in that way. Did I mention she's five years old?

Even the traffic in Dallas was better this trip. All the construction through downtown has long been cleared up, and my trips from Plano down to south of town and back went smoothly. (I only witnessed two minor wrecks.)

Lisa and Evalyn came down with me the second day. Evalyn was fascinated with the tall buildings and the highway interchanges. They finally got to meet John, after so many years of him bringing me to Dallas/Ft. Worth area schools. He tried to take us to lunch, but we couldn't find a smoke-free restaurant that wasn't McDonald's, which was fine with Evalyn - she got to play in the play place and eat McNuggets! Come on, Texas, if Oklahoma can pass a law for smoke-free restaurants, you can do it too!

That evening I sang through all the songs on my new CD for Cassie and Sarah (while Chad and Evalyn chased each other around the house).

Yesterday, Lisa, Evalyn and I drove to Yukon for their annual Festival of the Child. I performed for six hours, with 15 minute breaks. Needless to say I'm pretty worn out today. We were inside due to the weather, which was good - last time I was down there, it was cold and trying to rain, and we were outside. Joanne says she may not hire me again if I keep bringing bad weather with me! (I'm very flattered that she thinks I can control the weather. ;-)

Anyway, we had fun. Lisa and Evalyn did all the booths and we came home with a pile of Evalyn's crafty creations. Evalyn sang our song "Hummingbird Hum" along with me for the first time in public. She did a fantastic job! We will probably make it part of my summer program.

New podcasts coming soon!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Dispatch II

I love the Internet!

After my second show today I had a voice mail from Disc Makers. I had neglected to include a form I should have when I sent in my master CD. But no trouble - I downloaded it on the library computer where I was at Red Oak Elementary school, filled it out and faxed it in. Unfortunately the order will be delayed so now the expected launch date for those who pre-ordered the CD is May 18.

My second show today, at Red Oak, went fantastic. It took a while to load the kids into the room, so we started a bit late, but we made up for lost time in big enthusiasm. We had Pre-K - 4th grade, and they were great participators, singers, and listeners. Both my shows today made me remember why I do this for a living. I spend many hours marketing, accounting, writing, recording, driving - seems like everything but singing in front of kids. Those relatively rare 30-45 minute chunks of time when I'm actually up there interacting with a great audience are fun, fun, fun!!!

I heard myself today (while driving) on the "Spare the Rock Spoil the Child" podcast. That is one cool show - full of real rock n roll for kids! It's hosted by a father/daughter team, Bill and Ella. Check it out at Enjoy!

Dispatch from The Road

Howdy, Friends, from Red Oak, Tx, down here south of Dallas.

I performed this morning at Shields Elementary. The kids were fantastic! It was K-2nd. They had a lot of fun. Everyone participated well, and when it was time to get quiet they were self-quieting. My favorite kind of group! My host,John, observed that all the teachers were participating too. That really does make a positive difference.

I'm writing to you from the library at Red Oak Elementary where I will perform here in a couple of hours. John has hired me the past four or five years (neither of us can remember how long it has been) as a thank you to some of his best customers. He is a book salesman who supplies school libraries with new books. I'll be in the area for three days.

Lisa and Evalyn are with me - we are staying with friends in Plano. Yesterday I performed for their son's fifth birthday party. Happy Birthday Chad!

Before we left, I spent a stressful last day working on the new CD. Stressful because it was my last chance to make any changes. Also because I waited until the last moment to figure out what software I needed to add ISRC numbers to my tracks, a technical little detail that can turn into money down the line. ISRC codes are what allow your songs to be tracked when they are broadcast or downloaded online. Without them it's tougher to receive royalties for such uses.

Anyhow, the point is, I spent all day Friday and Saturday morning putting together the CD, and I got it mailed off to the duplicators!! It sounds great! Now all I have to do is wait!

Well, not really - as soon as we get back to the office, Lisa and I will be spending our days preparing envelops so that when the CDs arrive the 15th or thereabout we will be able to send them right out. Pre-order yours today at!!

We also sent a pre-release copy to XM Kids. So if you listen to XM Kids, please call up Kenny Curtis and ask him to play a song from my new CD, Paws Claws Scales and Tales. Right now it's the only way you can hear an entire song. To hear samples, visit the website.

This is my 97th blog post, by the way! I think I will time it so that number 100 will announce the arrival of the new CD. Stay tuned!