Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Kids Music Planet Podcast

After quite a few months away from it, Lisa posted a new edition of her Kids Music Planet Podcast today! 

I have been helping her re-design the podcast to make it easier to produce. 

Last year we made 8 episodes, most of them in one week intervals, and it just about took over our lives for three months.

So... rather than featuring three cds per show, we are now featuring just one, though the CD tour/review is more in-depth. Also, we're recording it "live," that is to say, we aren't following a script and we aren't doing very much editing. 

And I keep saying "we" because I am now the co-host. It helps, when recording live, to have two people, so we can converse. We are hoping it makes the show more relaxed and natural. It certainly makes it quicker to record.

Of course, we still have "Evalyn's Pick" at the end, so it's really a family project.

Please listen and let us know what you think about the new format! You can find the podcast on iTunes, or go here:

This week we took a tour of Joe McDermott's latest CD, Everybody Plays Air Guitar. Happy listening!

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