Thursday, March 13, 2008

March is Reading Month iMix

Our friends Two of a Kind (David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans) have posted a new iMix on iTunes called "March is Reading Month.icon" It lists 15 great reading songs by various children's artists, myself included.

If the concept of an iMix is new to you, it's just a list of songs on iTunes. Children's music folks have begun more and more to use iMixes as a way of sharing collections of songs centered around a given topic. This can be helpful for teachers, librarians, parents, or musicians who need music for units, themes, parties, programs, etc. It's like creating a compilation CD, but without the need for a physical CD.

You can purchase and download a complete iMix as a single unit, or you can pick and choose which songs you'd like to have. If iTunes isn't your preferred source for downloads, an iMix can still be a great way to discover new songs that fit a given topic or theme.

You do need the iTunes software to view an iMix (the link above won't work unless you have iTunes installed). It's a free download from, and both Mac and Windows versions are available.

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