Friday, December 19, 2008

Smart e Bear!

My Smart-e-Bear arrived today from intellitoys! 

It's a plush bear that plays music and games. You squeeze his paws to tell him what to do. If you ask for "Fun Songs," then my song, "The Cat Came Back" is the second choice. 

I must admit that although I knew my song was on the bear, it didn't really hit home until I had the item in hand and heard my own voice coming out of it. This is very cool! The bear is cute (cuter in person than he is on the website) and very soft. The sound quality is great. Evalyn loves it! She's impressed that her daddy is on the same toy as Trout Fishing in America. (So's her daddy.)

I haven't tried this yet, but the bear is supposed to be computer compatible so that you can plug it in and download new songs and stories from the website. I'm in very good company here. Besides Trout Fishing, we also see Bill Harley, Joe McDermott, Charity and the JAMband, Joanie Bartels, Lou Del Bianco, Marla Lewis, Dianne de Las Casas - I'm just grabbing names that pop out at me here, there are dozens of amazing artists on the list.

You can still order yours from and get it in time for Christmas!

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