Monday, July 20, 2009

Cherokee & Salt Plains

Today I had a very lively little group at the Cherokee library. These kids weren't shy at all about interacting with me during the program. It's fun to have a group like that!

Don't I look embarrassed? I must have played the wrong guitar chord. Actually this is during - you guessed it - "Silly Song."

On our way home we stopped by the Salt Plains state park to dig selenite crystals. It was really cool. We rounded the top of a hill and saw what looked like a huge lake in front of us - but it's really a dry plain covered with salt.

We dug little holes and found lots of crystals just under the surface.

It was a fun day. Now we are down to our last four library programs for the summer! Two tomorrow and one Wednesday in Kansas, then one next Thursday in Weatherford. Don't worry, we'll find plenty to keep ourselves occupied after that...

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