Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I performed twice in Norman Monday. I was still pretty exhausted from my trip to NY, and got a bit extra silly at times as you'll see below.

Here's one of the daycare groups from the first show:

Everybody, the answer is...

Getting squished by an elephant during "Silly Song":

At the end of the evening show I invited kids to come up and sing "Trick or Treat" with me:

Posing with some long-time fans. My fans are fantastic!


  1. I didn't see that shirt or those shoes once all week at camp! What gives?!!?

  2. Those are my "I'm onstage so I'm dressed funny" clothes - I have to take good care of them. And, I didn't really think of myself as being "onstage" at camp. I was just a tall camper.