Saturday, October 09, 2010

Playing With Silly Bandz

Please let me know what you think!

But first, thanks to everyone who offered their input on the new CD cover so far. It looks like Evalyn has been out-voted, as most of you liked the Silly Bandz option. That's right, my 9-year-old actually prefers the photos. Go figure.

For those who say the Silly Bandz will go out of style, and where would that leave me, I'll ask - If you didn't know they were supposed to look like Silly Bandz would the figures still be colorful, interesting, and represent the content of the CD? I'm hoping the charm lies more in the figures themselves than in the fact they are "Silly Bandz" look-a-likes and thus the cover art would outlast the craze. Do I have a point, or am I just talking myself into foolishness?

Anyhow, I'm not totally sold on this approach, but I've been playing with the silly bandz idea and here are some possibilities...

Please let me know if you have a preference! Thanks!!

A. Similar to the original idea:

B. Has a built in balloon for clever signing options:
 C. Dino playing guitar:
 D. Silly Bandz in a bag; on the back they would be all spilled out. This one depends more on recognizing the figures as Silly Bandz, I guess.


  1. Don't do "D"--it's not attractive. The others are good--especially fond of the guitar-playing dino. But really, is there any chance of a re-do of the text. It's blah.

    Lest you think I am just chiming in willy-nilly, I worked as a graphic designer for five years and went to art school in Tokyo. At least I have a wee bit of graphical chops.

    This has been fun--thank you for asking for our comments.

  2. Hi Carolyn,


    This is not the final design - it's just a mock-up that I'll send to my graphic artist to let them know what I want. I'll probably send them all the options along with the feedback I'm getting, and then see what they come up with.

    Do you still do design work?