Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Silly Bandz or Swirly Photos?

Howdy Friends!

I'm nearing completion of my Songs From the Science Frontier CD!! The songs are all recorded and mixed. Next they go to be mastered and then manufactured.

You can pre-order your copies now on my website at

And you can help me out if you like - I'm trying to settle on a concept for the cover. These are just rough sketches to show a couple of ideas. Which do you like best? Any other ideas?


  1. How about our favorite Monty Harper dressed up as a mad scientist?!? ;)

  2. Polly4:55 PM

    Swirly photos unless you have copyright permission from the makers of those bands. Plus swirly photos look bolder I think.

  3. Hi Polly,
    The silly bands are my own designs. Some are inspired by actual silly band designs but I changed them enough to make them my own, I think. I also was careful to use my own photos or photos that are in the public domain on the other design.

  4. Silly bands. They are HUGE beyond belief in the kids' world right now. Plus, it looks like kids. The swirly images are cool--but in a grown-up way.

  5. Silly bands. The design is almost too cluttered for me, but maybe that's part of the aesthetic.

  6. I like the silly bands. Plus my nieces love silly bands and one of the albums I got is going to them. :P