Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Week in Arkansas

We had a great time in Arkansas this past week! I did six library performances and Lisa, Evalyn and I spent two days in a cabin for some quality family time. Many thanks to the Crawford County Library System for booking the tour - we had a great time and hope to make regular visits in the future!

West Fork, AR on Monday.
We stayed at this cabin, called Ledgecreek Hideaway, and we loved it!!!

Tuesday morning, Lisa and I discussed bookings strategies on the front porch of the cabin while Lisa took some wildlife photos. Here's a little chipmunk that was foraging for seeds nearby.

Golden Finch 

Tuesday afternoon, Evalyn and I went fishing for trout at a trout farm; they cooked up our catch at the restaurant across the street!

We had quite a discussion about what kind of critter this might be, hiding in a gap in the rocky hill next to the restaurant. Turns out he's a woodchuck, A.K.A. groundhog.

Lisa and Evalyn fixing dinner in the cabin Wednesday evening.

Thursday morning at the Mulberry Library.

Thursday afternoon after the Alma performance. These are all the kids from my audience! Plus Evalyn, two stuffed canines and Perry the Pillowpus.

Grey Wolf gets a guitar lesson.

Thursday afternoon at Mountainburg.

Friday morning at the Van Buren Library - they have a fantastic new building!

Pop Up!

Me with the librarians at Van Buren! They had as much fun as the kids - maybe more!

Friday afternoon at Cedarville, in another brand new building. All the wooden beams in the high ceilings reminded us of our cabin.

Pop Up!

Roundy Round

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