Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ponca City

Oh, what a day! 

We just got back from vacation with my family late Sunday night, and are still recovering. I prepared for this morning's show last night. I went down the checklist and everything. So where was my head? I got to the library in Ponca City this morning, brought in the sound system, set everything up, turned to grab my guitar - no guitar!

This was the first time in twenty plus years of performing that I neglected to bring my guitar to a library gig!! I was (and still am) completely embarrassed!

Luckily there was also a mix-up on the starting time for the show. Some of the advertising said 10:00 AM, and some of it said 11:00 AM. This actually allowed us to start an hour later, so I headed for the local music store while back at home Lisa called around looking for a car to borrow.

Lisa was already heading out to Ponca City with my guitar when I called to let her know that I was able to rent one. The good folks at Shanghai Music and Sound did me a huge favor and rented me a guitar for the day even though they don't usually rent out instruments. 

Posing for a photo before the show.
The program went really well, and the few groups who showed at 10:00 came back for the 11:00 starting time. My afternoon songwriting workshop with a small but enthusiastic group of teens also went really well. So it was all good in the end!

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