Sunday, June 22, 2014

Andover and Andale, KS

(Repairing original post from 6/22/14) Here are photos from our trip to Andover and Andale, Kansas last week. Thanks to Evalyn for taking photos during the shows! My reminder to take out the trash popped up over the slideshow in the middle of the Andover program! Thank you Apple IOS for syncing reminders to all my devices without me even having to ask. Other than that we had two great shows!

Coming up next - Wilburton and McAlester.

Andover Children's Area
Kicking off the show in Andover, KS
Ready to be dinosaurs in Andover, KS

Outside the Andale Library
Bat Man at Andale, KS

Wind Energy at Andale, KS

That's Lisa in front, operating the slide show.

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