Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wilburton and McAlester

This week we were in Wilburton and McAlester. On Monday - Alva!

The Wilburton library proudly features many metalic prehistoric creatures!

The program room in Wilburton with its "Wild About Books" carpet!

"Spring your sharpened claws!"

"Freeze! - See if you can keep completely still..."

My first audience at McAlester included many very young ones, so did some "just for fun" songs I haven't performed yet this summer, including "Belly Like a Bongo," and "Silly Song."

"I'm gonna play my nose like a kazoo!"


"Roundy Round"

"Triceratops Bop"

Get this - while I was singing "The Cat Came Back," a stray yellow cat wandered into the library. Anita picked her up and brought her to the front of the room to show her off!

Talking with some fans from Stillwater after the show.

It's the reading bug!

The second show was even more fun than the first, only - the cat didn't come back. :(  This photo shows "Roundy Round" with partners!

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