Wednesday, August 25, 2004

CMW Awards

Great news - one of my songs, "I Go Bananas," is a finalist in this year's Children's Music Web Awards in the "Best Song For Young Children" category! Congratulations to all the finalists - they can be viewed at the link above. Cross your fingers for me!

The CMWA are unique in that actual kids do most of the judging. Also, they are non-competative. Songs and albums are awarded if they score high enough, regardless of how well the other entries do. So in a given category there might be 20 winners or no winners at all - depending on the general level of excellence of the entries.

The first round of judging involves families. Those entries that make the cut go to the finalist round, which is judged by classrooms.

More classrooms are needed right now! Go to the Children's Music Web site to learn how you can take part!

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