Friday, August 20, 2004

New CD Begun

Howdy, Friends and Fans,

I have begun work on a new CD. I spent most of yesterday on it, making simple demo recordings so I can see how the various songs might fit together.

Last night I met with John Howk, a guitar player I worked with a couple of times last semester. Since many of the songs I want to record just wouldn't sound right without the audience participation, John is helping me put together a band for a live performance.

The plan (it's still early now - this could change) is to get four players together for rehearsals and then put on a show or two in November with tape rolling.

The new CD will include tracks from the live shows as well as some songs recorded at home in the studio. I have a list of 17 songs I'm considering. I don't want to say what they are because some of them will inevitably get dropped from the list, and others may still be added at this point. I'll just say that I'm selecting songs based largely on your requests. I'll finally be recording many of my "greatest (unavailable) hits."

So please stay tuned - I'll keep you posted here about progress and about when and where those live shows will happen so you can attend and be part of the new CD!

And if you want to request a certain song for the CD, just click "Post a Comment" below, and request away!


  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Please include the new dinosaur song that you did last summer 2003 at our library! It was great!

  2. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Is your banana song in the Calif. schools yet. I have my relatives there watching for its arrival. My granddaughter is a second grader and loves your songs.

  3. The dinosaur song ("You're a Dinosaur") is one I definitely want to include!

    I may include the banana song ("I Go Bananas") on the new CD too. I'm working on making a digital version available for download as well - that will happen before the CD comes out.

    "I Go Bananas" is in the LA school system already, as part of the "Shake It Up with Fruits and Veggies" CD. The CDs were sent out to teachers in May, I think. I'm not sure that every teacher in LA got one - it may have been just in certain districts.

    The people behind it are working on making them available for retail. If that happens, they'll be available to anyone. It's a great CD, so keep your fingers crossed!

  4. Anonymous10:31 AM


    I have two little ones that love your "Silly Song". They saw your show in July and are still singing it around the house. I would love for you to include that on your next CD.