Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Meet "Brownie," Evalyn's classroom bear! Brownie gets to go home with a different first grader every day. Today was Evalyn's first day to bring home Brownie, and she was excited! We read all about his previous adventures in Brownie's journal. Evalyn will add her own page to the journal tomorrow morning. What a great way to motivate kids to read and write!

I also got to visit Evalyn's classroom for the first time today to sing for the kids. I brought a new song to try out, but the kids who knew me from last year were all hyped up wanting to hear their favorites, so we just did an all requests session. Evalyn and I also took the opportunity to rehearse "Oklahoma Annie" for the Children's Music Network conference in NY, where we plan to perform it at the big round robin.

Boy are we swamped! Lisa got the last of round two CMW Award judging packets mailed off - yeah! Now we're working on a garage sale (will we have it or will we chicken out?) and preparing for the big trip to New York. I'm also securing some bookings, recording "1907" (coming along nicely - watch for it soon!), and preparing for Friday's gig at Crosstimbers Elementary in Edmond, among many other little things.

Life is full. That's a good thing!

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