Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Recording Stephanie Jackson at The Music Group

Wow, I had a fun afternoon! I was at The Music Group in Edmond for a recording session with guitarist Stephanie Jackson. She recorded arrangements for two of my songs, "1907," and another one I'll tell you about later.

I enjoyed being the producer! All I had to do was throw in an opinion now and again. It was amazing to sit back watch Stephanie and the engineer, LG, working together on my tracks. They've worked together a lot; in fact Stephanie is in the middle of recording a Latin music CD with him right now.

LG's fingers flew over the computer keyboard, editing, playing back, and recording, while Stephanie's fingers flew over the guitar frets, playing the heck out of my music! They communicated with half sentences, hand gestures, numbers, and I suspect psychic wavelengths. The room was filled with fragments of music as for a solid hour they made improvements upon the original basic recording. Their concentration and focus was palpable. I contributed the occasional "sounds good," or "the first way," or "can I hear that again?" but mostly I just watched and listened.

In the end all those little bits of music fit together to make a seamless whole. It was very cool to watch.

Now I just need to add vocals and mix! (Sounds like a cake recipe or something, doesn't it?)

The first photo above, taken by LG, is me, Stephanie, and Evalyn's stuffed buddy "Bobbles." I think Evalyn was wishing she could be there, so she sent Bobbles as her proxy. The second photo shows Stephanie in the recording booth, with LG's reflection while he works the computer.

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