Friday, September 07, 2007

MontyNews Moves to iContact

I finally finally sent out my MontyNews email newsletter this week! Why did it take so long? (I haven't sent one out since May 15!)

I decided it was becoming too much of a pain to maintain the mailing list myself, which is a good thing - it means I have lots of subscribers. So I researched all the various list services out there. I decided to go with iContact. They offer a dizzying array of features for a reasonable monthly fee.

I put in all the new subscribers I collected this summer, set up and transfered my mailing list, learned how to use the iContact html editor online, created a new sign-up form, and composed and formatted a newsletter.

I was able to retain all the features I liked about maintaining the list myself, such as the ability to send email to only certain subscribers based on where they live or what their interest is.

Plus, there are some new features that make the new MontyNews really cool, such as html formatting: I can include links and photos now! And my subscribers can change their own information whenever they want.

Not only that, I can log on and find out how many people opened their newsletter (only 21% so far!) AND how many people clicked on each link! Guess what the favorite link is so far? Evalyn Steals the Show!

Do you send out a newsletter too? You should check out iContact!

Does this sound like an ad? Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I do get a commission if you sign up through my link (another iContact perk). But I truly am excited about this. I wouldn't blog about it otherwise. It's a huge improvement over the way I was managing my newsletter!

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