Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hilltown Family Variety Show

Meet Persephone. She is the Kindergarten co-host of a radio show in Northampton, MA, called "The Hilltown Family Variety Show." Persephone usually hosts the show with her mom, Sienna, but recently, I was privileged to sit in with her as the guest host!

We met up on Sunday September 30, after the Children's Music Network national conference. Lisa, Evalyn, and I got away from the conference a bit late, and then we managed to drive in a big circle on the New York turnpike before finally pointing ourselves out of Albany and towards Northampton.

So we rushed into the studio late to record. The original plan was to have Evalyn help out, but she was too tired to take any interest. And Persephone, having never had a chance to see me perform, wasn't quite sure who I was. On our first attempt she was pretty quiet and I was pretty frazzled. But as you'll hear, it didn't take long for us both to relax into it, and Sienna did a fantastic job editing the show.

Thank you to Sienna and Persephone for sharing your program with me and giving me a chance to play some of my favorite children's music! It was a lot of fun!

Listen to the show now at the Hilltown Families blog. Enjoy!

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  1. The Goin' Bananas with Monty Harper Episode is Persephone's current favorite! It was great to have the Harper family in studio with us. Hope to have the gang on as our guests again so Persephone & Evalyn can host together. Our mic is always on!

  2. there's always such enthusiasm & positive stuff coming out of family radio shows... thanks for being a part of it...