Wednesday, October 24, 2007

OSU Homecoming

OSU Homecoming was last weekend. Lisa and I took Evalyn and our neighbor to the walk-around Friday and to the parade Saturday morning.

As we were reminded constantly by the house decoration soundtracks, OSU's homecoming is the biggest in the country.

Evalyn and Janay had fun at the walk-around, but Lisa and I were alarmed by the unbelievable crowds. At one point we had to traverse a street that was jam packed with a sea of people. It took us ten minutes or so to walk one block. We had to carry the girls for fear of their getting trampled, and I accidentally stepped on a dog!

Later we got separated heading in to see one of the displays. By the time Evalyn and I made our way to the other end of the crowd, Lisa and Janay were nowhere to be seen. Thank goodness for cell phones!

Our favorite decoration was the Alice in Wonderland one. You can see in the photo above a giant Pistol Pete with his head, arms and feet sticking out of a campus building (Old Central?). This one also included fountains, which were flooding the nearby street corner!

Anyhow, the house decorations are fun, but I'm not at all sure they're worth the effort of dealing with those enormous crowds!

Tomorrow evening, I'll be performing at the library in Broken Arrow, at 7:00pm. More Tulsa area library shows are coming up over the following week as well. See you soon, I hope!

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