Saturday, July 05, 2008

Connors State College, Back in April!

Last night Lisa, Evalyn, and I walked over to Boomer lake with our folding chairs. We set ourselves up in front of the community band and read books while soaking up the patriotic music. Then we moved onto the deck (where the band had been) for an awesome view of the fireworks! 

This past couple of weeks I've been trying to get organized in the office. I read "Getting Things Done" by David Allen (otherwise known as "GTD") and I "processed" all my "stuff"! Everything is indeed very organized for the moment, though it's not all done, by a long shot! We'll see if I can keep up the "weekly reviews" and actually become more productive. So far it seems very promising.

Here's one of the items on my to do list - catch up with my blogging! I like to try to put photos up within a day or so after each gig. There are a few I've missed lately and need to catch up on.

Back in April I visited Conners State College in Muskogee to help the Child Development Club celebrate the 100th anniversary of their campus. They brought in Head Start kids from all over the county for an Oklahoma Celebration concert, and then they did a balloon release and a picnic. 

Here's a photo of my audience. Check out all those colorful pointy party hats (click for a slightly larger version)! 

Here's the balloon release:

Later that day I did an evening show in the same venue for a small but enthusiastic group. Here are some photos with audience members afterwards.

This little guy and I got deep into a discussion about shoes.

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