Thursday, July 03, 2008

David Brinkman, From My Pen

Back in 1997/1998 I co-wrote three songs with David Brinkman. David contacted me from his home in Aberdeen, Scotland, with lyrics that he wanted set to music. Together we wrote three songs: "Walk Away," "Our Princess," and "Mayday Fair."

I've received regular updates from David since then on his progress with a new CD to include the three songs. Now after a decade of hard work and seemingly endless setbacks, his persistence has paid off. David's new CD, "From My Pen" is finally available!

Following is a photo of David with a shelf full of his new CDs in a local CD shop. Below is the CD artwork, and below that is David's press release about the CD, including links for more information. 

Oh, and since you know that I do children's music I should say that this CD is not aimed at kids. A couple of topics, such as serving time in jail, and dealing with drug addiction are pretty mature, but they are handled tastefully. I would say it's a family-friendly CD for the most part. Check it out!

Sample image

Press Release

For immediate release 30/06/2008




Silver Mile Records, based in Aberdeen, Scotland would like to announce that it will be releasing the debut Cd, 14 track album, “From My Pen”, SMR 003, featuring the work of singer/songwriter David Brinkman, on Tuesday, 1st July,  2008,  and it will be sold in various retail outlets around Scotland, and online.

Local artist Dod Dow, pictured with David in the Aberdeen HMV store, has produced a new original painting of the clipper Thermopylae, designed and built in Aberdeen,  to help promote the song “A Tall Ship” which tells the story of a homesick Scotsman working his passage home, and his feelings about his people and his country.

Niall Mathewson – Musician/Engineer/Producer:

“David’s album is an eclectic mix of ideas that he has been collecting and honing over a period of years. It features an interesting dynamic range of material from the lush string arrangement of “Love is a Game”, or the more electronic feel of “Cindy Clark” to the more acoustic mood of “In Time” and “Our Princess”. He also manages to inject a good helping of blues with “If You’re Without A Woman”, the happy sounding “Queen Bee” and the thought provoking “Serving Time”. There’s even some jazz on offer with the smokey sounding “Another Lover”. A few of the songs fall into no particular category, but are just good pop songs, such as “Someone Like Me”“Here Without You”, “Walk Away”, and “A Tall Ship” or “Mayday Fair” and “Jojo’s CafĂ© in Paree”. I hope that you will enjoy David’s album and I hope that you will find, like me, that it has something for everyone”. 

For more information please contact David Brinkman by email at

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  1. Anonymous5:50 AM

    I really think that "A Tall Ship" could be a hit single - it's so catchy and keeps going round in my head!
    Chris Rowling,