Thursday, July 24, 2008

Final Summer Show in Duncan

This morning we all got up bright and early and drove to Duncan, OK for my last program of the summer!

Duncan has a little building out behind the library where they do their programs. That room was packed with kids and adults. It was a great audience; even the littlest ones were very good at focusing. During the last song, "insect zoo," we had total silence for the line "my walking sticks are hiding" - that's a part where I ask for quiet but rarely get silence like this!

Lisa took a few photos for you. Here I am singing:

"Did I say Pop Up? I don't think so!"
These girls were curious about my guitar after the program.
So what's next, now that the summer is over for me? 

Next year's theme is "Be Creative at Your Library." I'll be presenting workshops on this theme to Kansas librarians, so I'll have to learn all about it, and write some new songs right away. So I'll be getting started on that. 

Lisa has big plans for the Kids Music Planet Podcast, so I'll be helping her with that. I'm also booking my "Songworks" programs in the schools.

And there are several exciting new projects in the works for me that I don't want to say too much about yet. Stay tuned!

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