Monday, June 21, 2010

Fairview and Watonga

This summer is just going so very very well. We had two more great shows today. This morning we were in Fairview, and we had the singingest audience! However, I forgot to put the camera in the car this morning, so we have no photos to show for it.

Hey, if you were there and you took any photos, send em to me and I'll post em. Thanks!

Then on the way to Watonga it occurred to me that we did in fact have a camera with us. It's called an iPhone. I forget that iPhones can do anything. (Once when I was walking around Boomer Lake I lamented that I didn't have a pedometer. Then I whipped out the iPhone, browsed the Apps Store and before we got halfway around I was holding a pedometer in my hand! The wonders of modern technology!)

Anyhow, Lisa took a few shots with the iPhone at Watonga.

Here I am posing with my sign on the way in with all the equipment:

We love going to Watonga - it's one of those libraries that has me back year after year. I was reminiscing with one of the librarians about the castle backdrop I had one year - that was for "Knights Alive in '95"! (That castle is now attached to the wall in Evalyn's room.)

Anyhow, it's always a good group and they do like to decorate, so we always enjoy walking into the program room to see what they've done with it. Today it was like sitting on the beach, with sand on one side and water on the other.

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