Thursday, June 17, 2010

McLoud & Tecumseh

I had two more fantastic shows today. When we arrived at McLoud there was a varnish spill in the building where they usually hold programs, filling the room with fumes. So, I hauled my cart up the road about half a block to an alternate location. Here's the group:

It's those pesky starfish again.

Too cute!

Here's the group at Tecumseh:

This was a great audience for participating! They sang everything with gusto. It was cool to see all those hands open together on "surprise" in "Grandma's House Tonight!"

Well it's been a super week for me. I've enjoyed traveling with my wife Lisa and daughter Evalyn and singing for so many cool kids. Lisa has been singing and dancing with me on stage during "Villa Villakula Hula," though she won't allow me to post a photo! Evalyn has been learning the ropes and helping us set up and tear down the sound system. I'm a lucky guy to have such a great family and to get to spend weeks traveling and performing with them like this! Thanks, girls! Next week, more of the same!!

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