Monday, June 13, 2011

Kansas Trip

Can I really be two weeks into summer shows already?!?

So sorry I haven't been keeping up, but here are some photos from our trip to Kansas last week. More to come!

The first set are from the library in McPherson. I did two shows there, with two fantastic audiences. We met some big-time fans who knew my music from checking it out at the library, and we ended up going to lunch with them!

The second set of photos are from the Junction City library. We had a very small group, and sometimes it's tough to get small groups to participate. But as you can see, that was not a problem in Junction City!

We took advantage of the space and moved around a lot, especially during "Roundy Round."

We've got a very early morning tomorrow as we head for SE Oklahoma. Stay tuned for more photos and video as I try to play catch up.

My schedule is here:

I'll be in Ada, Stillwater, Wichita, Norman, Tahlequah, and many other places. I hope to see you soon!

Silly silly silly...

Signing autographs for our new friends,
who had lunch with us between shows.

Back off!

Roundy Round in Junction City

Roundy Round!

Big Red Fire Truck

Everybody got a kazoo after the show!

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