Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SE Oklahoma Trip

These past two days we've been in Southeastern Oklahoma. I did four library shows - Hugo, Valiant, Poteau, and Heavener.

Hugo is a circus city - three different circuses overwinter there. The library is decorated with a circus theme.
Evalyn with her new worm buddy.
The program room in Hugo was decked out with a world travel theme, including the giant colorful hot air balloon in the corner.


Must've been something I said. ;-)

"Back off!"

At Valiant we had a small but fun group.

It's been years since we visited Poteau! Great to be back!

Evalyn on Poptropica.

Heavener has a new program room - a renovated stone building with a wooden ceiling that Evalyn says looks like an upside down boat.

We had a great audience in Heavener - the boys and girls club, which included quite a few older kids. They were super attentive and great singers!

Next up: Ada! See you soon!


  1. Good job recognizing scientists in your music, especially super ones. Teaching kids about occupations is important since so many of them contribute positively to our society, not just the ones portrayed on TV and movies.

  2. Hello Dr. Reacto - thanks, and I agree of course! You might be interested in checking out my Born to Do Science program at

  3. Thanks for the link. Science is one of my favorite subjects. I also like the diversity in your music.